So, now you've found the perfect gifts, and you can't wait to give them out.  What you may want to do now, is get some awesome and stylish wrapping to just add that extra special touch.  

You know what they say, "It's all about presentation!".  Well, I don't agree with that.  Whatever you got them, I'm sure they'll love.  It's the thought that counts.  That's the saying I like.  Anyways, it's still fun to dress it up with some crazy wrapping paper or gift bag.  

Just take a look at the ones I've displayed here, and click on the red underlined words above the picture or just on the picture itself to get more information on it.  If you don't see what you want on this page, then
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Cards:  Cards are not mandatory or traditional.  Don't fear if you didn't get a card, she isn't expecting one.  But, if you want something comical and funny to go along with your present that you can write your own personal message for her in, get one!  There are cards that are specifically for Bachelorette Parties.

Bachelorette Card - Men

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Wrapping Paper :  If the presents you got have a good shape to them, you can use wrapping paper.  The Towel Guy Wrapping Paper features a blue wrapping paper tiled with a sexy man's back and rear.  Nice!  It'll be a shame when she rips the paper apart, destroying those hot little pictures.  Oh well, "Sorry guys, you're going in the garbage.  We've got a party to go to!"  Ha!

Towel Guy Wrapping Paper

The All Penis Wrapping Paper is a work of art in itself.  This wrapping paper has cartoon illustrations of tons of different types of penises.  Each one is different and completely unique.  Just like in real life!  Can you recognize a few of them, I sure can.  I swear there's a handful of my ex-boyfriends posing for these pictures!

All Penis Wrapping Paper

Gift Bags :  If you've gotten more than one thing, or the package is a weird shape, just go with a gift bag.  Gift bags make everything easy!  Just throw the stuff in, put some tissue paper on top so no one can see in, and BOOM!  Your done with all that and on to doing your make-up!  
The Girls' Night Out Gift Bag has kind of a scrap booking  feel to it, because of the different layers of lace for the border.  This is a totally fun and bold gift bag.  I like how the handles are purple metallic beads.

Girls' Night Out Gift Bag  

Whoa!  You can see right through his underwear!  Yes, girls, this guy's in the shower and wearing his underwear.  Granted, it sexy, but I'm wondering why he's not taking them off.  Maybe he's in prison and he' very shy?  We'll never really know.  Hmph.  Oh well, I guess I'll just enjoy looking at him.  Put your gifts in the Wet Underwear Gift Bag so your Bachelorette can enjoy looking, too.

Wet Underwear Gift Bag   

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