Sometimes girls just want to have fun.  Well, actually girls just want to have fun all the time, so when they are able to, they take full advantage of the situation.  Getting your guests something fun to play with at the party (or wherever) encourages them to have a good time and to interact with other people at the bar.  

The Pecker Expertise Award isn't exactly a toy like the rest of the items on this page, but it is really funny and I wanted to throw it in here somewhere.  It's an award that any girl would appreciate!  To get a better look at the words, you can click on the red underlined name or on the picture.           

The Pecker Expertise Award

Toy Weapons :  These toys are for attacking random hot guys at the bar or party.  These gifts give the girls the power assault many cute butts, without actually having to take responsibility for it, because they never actually TOUCHED them.  Nice.  
The Bun Pincher is a fashionable pinching tool, designed specifically for pinching butts.  I suppose they could use it for pinching whatever else they may want to pinch, too, but mainly BUTTS!  Lots of butts! 

The Bun Pincher

If the Bun Pincher is the cute way to go about pinching butts, then the Sexy Hand Crop is the hot way to smack butts! A girl wielding one of these in a bar, has complete control.  Men will be bending over on command, just to get smacked.  
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Sexy Hand Crop

Other Toys: Then, of course, there are a whole lot of other random toys that would be fun to play with.  This Electronic Stud Finder can be used to help locate studly men in the bar.  It's abilities can also be applied when trying to determine who is more of a stud, when they're having a tough time deciding. 
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Electronic Stud Finder

Magic Wands :  Magic wands and staffs make us feel like magicians or some type of royalty.  Well, maybe the Queen wouldn't be caught in public playing with any of these staffs, but it doesn't mean that the Bachelorette Party can't.
The Flashing Penis Wand looks really great in the dark! At a Bachelorette Party I went to, I had gotten this wand for the Bachelorette just expecting it to light up like a flashlight.  To my surprise, it had three different colored lights that flashed brightly.  It was bright and really funny looking!  We were taking turns dancing with it and playing around.  

Flashing Penis Wand

The Sparkle Heart Wand is cute.  It allows the person holding it to make commands of people and look so adorable, that they end up doing them.  Good deal, eh?
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Sparkle Heart Wand